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My Name is Natasha Williams and I am and the owner and CEO of “Natasha’s Homemade Organic Products. 
Natasha’s Homemade Organic Skin Care is a family owned and operated Organic Skin Care Company out of Massachusetts.  We are committed to educating people of color about the importance of using organic skin care products on their skin through consults so that  people purchase the  best products for their skin and hair types.   At Natasha’s Homemade Organic Skin Care my team is focused on helping you achieve “BETTER SKIN FOR LIFE” by providing all natural organic skin care for your hair and skin with no parabens or artificial fillers. 
Natasha’s Homemade Organic Skin Care Products are of the highest quality at affordable prices and as a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. 
We stand behind this superior line and we would welcome the opportunity to show you how our body butter and other products we carry can improve your skin tone giving you "BETTER SKIN FOR LIFE".
Please visit our website at or call me at 617-610-2553.  You are amazing and beautiful; your body deserves the best you have to offer it.  Invest in you by purchasing our , Natural Cocoa, Mango Kiwi and Passion Fruit body butters or our Black Coffee Bean Facial and Body Scrub, Peppermint and Eucalyptus Hair Serum and an All Natural Teeth Whitening Formula.  We would welcome the opportunity to be a vendor at your upcoming event or function. 

Natasha Williams, CEO Owner
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